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10 Smart Things to Do in Royal State of Rajasthan in Your Budget Plan

The Royal state of Rajasthan is popular for its rich cultural heritage, traditional delicacies, magnificent monuments, bustling cities, quaint towns, and a simple yet royal lifestyle.

There is no dearth of magnificent forts, monuments and palaces there. People come from all over the world to witness the variant beauty that each city of Rajasthan offers. Everything is royal and luxurious here, even the stay at hotels is no less than an experience that lets you witness the lifestyle of Maharajas in the most modern yet contemporary manner. Well despite being so luxurious you might assume that it would hit you hard on your pockets but do not worry peeps, travelers with a low budget can also enjoy touring this marvelous place.

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Yes, there are places, hill stations, temples, lakes and so much more which require less money but offers a lifetime of an unforgettable experience. We are listing the top 10 things to do while in Rajasthan which is budgeted and pocket-friendly. Have a look.



10 Budget Trip Ideas to Visit Rajasthan:

  1. In Mehrangarh:

Image Credit: Knowledge Seeker

Even when you are on a fix budget trip, there are still a few ways that offer you some amazing experience of life. You can choose the thrilling Mehrangarh zipline ride, from where you can watch the blue city from the top just like a bird flying in the sky.

It really is an out of the word feeling to fly above the city and see the stunning beauty of Mehrangarh Fort and its scenic surroundings from the top view. It is a highly recommended activity to do in Mehrangarh when you are in Jodhpur.

  1. Hot Air Balloon ride:

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A beautiful and sacred Hindu site Pushkar is in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Although the town is small it never fails to entertain and enthrall its visitors. A famous Pushkar Mela is also the main attraction of this site.

You can visit numerous ancient temples, soothe yourself at the Ghats of Pushkar Lake, witness the only Brahma Temple of the world and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city. But if you are someone who wants to do things out of the box and wish to have the best experience which is pocket-friendly too, then go for the Hot Air Balloon ride there. It is an ideal way to savor the beauty of Pushkar’s rare delightful view of the town from the sky that will surely give you a Goosebumps.

  1. Mount Abu visit:

Mount Abu


When you think of Rajasthan all you can imagine is Thar desert, camels, forts, monuments, etc. But trust me there is a lot more than the state of Rajasthan offers you. The beautiful hill station Mount Abu which is full of amazing sites, landscapes, flourishing areas with lakes and rivers gives you another budget-friendly way to experience something wild and different.

Yes, you can trek at various wonderful places of Mount Abu, with its splendid picturesque location your trekking would be an amazing experience. Along with the natural scenic beauty, there are lots of sunset points, stay there and witness the sunsets, the scenes are breathtaking and will leave you mesmerized. Try to go in the winter months, the weather remains pleasant at that time of months.

  1. Boating in the city Of Lakes:


There are numerous ways you can plan your day in the Royal state of Rajasthan. But believe us, if you are on your Rajasthan Tour, please do not afford to miss one spectacular city of Lakes, namely Udaipur. From azure blue lakes to stunning water buildings amidst the lakes, from natural beauty to the man-made wonders of architecture, from quaint cafes to royal palace-like stays- the city has everything you can ever wish for.

You can opt for a motor ride in Fateh Sagar Lake or Pichola lake. Sip your cup of coffee or tea sitting beside a calm lake, wouldn’t that be the best vibe for your holidays? And the cherry on the cake is everything in Udaipur is pocket-friendly and there are excellent options to have fun with your friends and family. Admire the rare beauty of these lakes with birds flying over you in the sky, and sunsets in the side view. A blissful perfect moment while boating.

  1. Camping in the desert:


Staying in the Jaisalmer, Jodhpur or any city might cost you much, but what if you stay in tents instead of a luxurious hotel! Here we are talking about the camping in the Thar desert of Jodhpur And Jaisalmer. And don’t worry you will be provided with all the amenities in the tent as it is a tourist area.

Camping would be another level experience to stay in the desert in the open sky. You can enjoy the starry nights with some good old folk music. Camel rides. folk dance performances, and riding in dunes will some perks of staying in Thar.

  1. Jal Mahal:

Jal Mahal Jaipur


Famously known for its serene beauty, the Jal Mahal in Jaipur city is an extraordinary, beautiful and magnificent structure. It is a treat to watch this beauty amidst the lake man Sagar. Without spending a big amount you can just go there in the night time and witness the enigmatic beauty of this place.

The charm of the Jal Mahal is on the peak in the darkness of night, you can spend time on the sides of the lake walking around on the spiral road, visiting nearby temples and clicking some memorable pictures with a belle vision of Jag Mandir in background.

  1. Dune bashing in Thar:

For all the adventure searching souls out there, here is another sou-out to you all. Looking for some adventure in Rajasthan go for dune bashing in Thar. One of the most thrilling and exhilarating experience is to ride in the large-sized dunes. If you don’t have the utility vehicle then you can hire one from any of the dealers as there are many services providers. The activity is cheaper than any other which will give you an unforgettable experience. It is highly recommended for adventure lovers for a wonderful experience to have.

  1. Bhangarh Fort:

Image Credit: Travel.Earth

Bhangarh is famous for spooky stories and has been known as a most jinxed and haunted place in the Rajasthan. Tourists are not allowed to enter after evening, you can only visit this fort in the day time, even in the day time the deserted place can make chills run up and down your spine.

The fort is a famous tourist place despite being associated with so many horror stories and legends ATTACHED to it. The serene surrounding and beautiful architecture of fort attracts the visitors and of course those with the curious heads who want to know whether the place is really haunted or not. The ticket is pocket-friendly, you can have a great experience of spooky content and stories without spending too much money.


  1. Albert Museum:


It is one of the oldest museums in the royal state of Rajasthan. Situated in the Ram Niwas Garden the place has a great collection of antiques, paintings, and artifacts brought from all around the world. The museum is the Government central Museum which was built in 1876 as a concert hall. One can spend time visiting the museum and relax in the beautiful garden that gives the best view of the museum. The place looks much better in the night time when the lights glow up the whole museum. You can add it to your itinerary while visiting Rajasthan.


  1. Akshardham Temple:

The temple is a famous tourist attraction and a holy place of Jaipur. It is situated in a Chitrakoot town and is dedicated to the Hindu deity of Narayan. The Swaminarayan Mandir Akshardham Temple is also known for the wonderful architectures, beautiful sculptures, and magnificent idols.

A large number of devotees go there to seek blessings from God. You can visit the temple to pay homage as well as to witness the architectural beauty of this place. The temple has a small garden too which allows you to rest there and relax while seeing the enthralling beauty of the surrounding.

We hope, we have given you some ideas about how you can plan the best Rajasthan Tours without spending too much? But if you still got any doubts and want to take our advice, we at Heritage Rajasthan are all welcoming you to come to us or contact us at any time. We would be obliged to help you and plan your Rajasthan tour.


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