Rajasthan Tour Places for a solo Traveler

Rajasthan is one destination to explore and experiment with.

Rajasthan is a state filled with a plethora of destinations to visit that any traveler would be thrilled to visit and explore. From enticing landscapes to holy spiritual places, from adventurous activities to nature retreat, from the vast stretching desert to the grandeur of monuments- Rajasthan tourism has everything in its treasure trove to quench all its travelers’ thirst.

Why travel solo?

“The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till the other is ready”– Henry David Thoreau

There are many people, who are more inclined towards traveling solo. Traveling solo has its benefits and perks. A solo traveler learns to lead himself through a journey. Solo traveler experiences freedom with a sense of responsibility for his/her life. A solo trip will help you know yourself and get out of your comfort zones.

It might be quite overwhelming to decide on your first solo trip destinations and planning but it isn’t too difficult at the end. Traveling solo would help you spend time with yourself and rejuvenate yourself away from your monotonous regular life.

Rajasthan the state of magnificent forts, lakes, opulent palaces, rich history, and architecture can be the perfect destination for your solo trip. We at Heritage Rajasthan tourism provide tour packages finely crafted according to your needs and requirements. Let us know if you want to book your Rajasthan tour packages.

Let’s have a look at the cities of Rajasthan you can explore on your solo trip.

Top tour places to visit in Rajasthan for solo traveler

  1. Ajmer

This city is a perfect conflation of rich history and spiritual aestheticism. This place presents evidence of its Mughal heritage. It is a quite friendly city with various historic monuments to visit.

Some of the best places to visit in Ajmer are:-

  • Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah– The Ajmer Dargah houses the tomb of Sufi Saint muin-ud-din Chishti. This is a very sacred and spiritually significant place visited by lakhs of devotees every year. Do not forget to carry a scarf or a cap as covering your head is a strict rule here. Major places to see are Nizam Gate, Shahjahan Gate, Buland Darwaja, Mehfil Khana, and Chisti’s tomb.
  • Adhai din ka jhopda- The oldest surviving monument in Ajmer is an architectural marvel with columns, seven arched screens and soaring domes. It is mostly inspired by Jain temples.
  • Akbar fort and museum – Originally named Daulat Khana, this fort was built by Akbar in 1570. It was used as an arms arsenal during British rule and locally known as “Magazine”. It has rocks, paintings, sculptures from the 8th century on display.
  • Ana Sagar lake- It is an artificial lake created by damming the Luni River in the 12th century. It is lined with beautiful white marble pavilions known as baradaris. These shelters were built by Shah Jahan in a garden and were named Daulat Bagh.
  • Nasiyan Temple– It is a majestic Jain temple ornamented with gold and silver. Its architecture is one of a kind in Rajasthan.

Ajmer is quite potent at accommodating travelers from all over the world. Solo travelers generally prefer guest houses and hotels with a personal touch and unfussy accommodations.


  • Homestay at Heritage Bungalow 97 Ajmer- 4.7 km from Ajmer Sharif
  • Badnor house -2 km from Ajmer Sharif
  • Natraj Guesthouse -1.3 km from Ajmer Sharif

These are a few places to stay in Ajmer that offer comfortable and reliable stays while you are on a budget solo tour Rajasthan.

Take a taxi or bus to 11km from Ajmer to the next destination Pushkar.

  1. Pushkar

Pushkar is a laid back city, perfect for solo travelers to visit and explore. You can explore many ancient temples in Pushkar and also can engage in adventurous activities.

Some of the places to visit in Pushkar

  • Pushkar Lake-This is a pilgrimage spot of 52 ghats. Devotees come here to pay homage and take a dip in the lake. Be cautious of the touts around the lake though. The Maha Arti on the ghat is a spectacular experience.
  • Gurudwara Singh Sabha- It is a Sikh temple and a magnificent white fortress you can visit. A headscarf and washing your feet is required by everyone before entering.
  • Temples- Pushkar has a legion of beautiful temples to visit. The oldest and only temple of Brahma in the world is a must-visit here. You cannot carry any belongings inside so make sure of their safety. Savitri temple trek will offer you an incredible sunrise view. It is perched on top of a hill imparting the landscape sights of the Pushkar city. You should start the trek at dawn. Trek is worth the view of the city you will get.
  • Pushkar camel fair- The famous Pushkar Mela/Fair is held in the months of October – November and attracts a large number of globetrotters. More than 11000 camels and horses are brought here. There are camel races, dancing horses, and even pageants for animals. It’s a lively festive occasion.
  • Camel safari- You get to visit the desert in cute little carriages to see sand dunes and beautiful sunsets. An overnight desert safari option in Pushkar is also available.
  • Shopping- Pushkar has streets for shopping selling all kinds of leather bags, shawls, jewelry, and handicrafts. You can get stuff for cheap prices with a little bargain.
  • Food- Among the variety of food options in Pushkar, the most prominent part of food here is Falafel vendors. All different types of large and tasty Falafels can be found here. Though non-vegetarian food will be nearly impossible to find. U-turn café is also a good place to get a view over the temples.
  • Adventure activities- Hot air balloon ride is a famous activity in Pushkar along with few Zipling ropes. A hot air balloon ride will give you a breathtaking view of the sunset.


Accommodation in Pushkar has options for every budget. Few options are:

  • Hotel Brahma Horizon
  • Treebo legacy
  • Hotel Moti Mahal
  • The Hosteller

Heritage Rajasthan Tourism has unique and budget-friendly Rajasthan tour packages to Pushkar for families and solo travelers.


  1. Udaipur

The budget-friendly way to reach Udaipur from Pushkar is to take a train or bus.

Now coming to the place called Venice of the East, is said to be the most romantic city of Rajasthan. Udaipur is an architectural gem. The city of lakes known for its royal palaces and the royal family is a truly beautiful and serene place. Though a bit popular among tourists, the city also attracts solo travelers to explore its natural beauty. Hemmed by the lush greenery of Aravallis, Udaipur has the most picturesque landscapes. Among the numerous best places to visit in Udaipur, a few major attractions are:

  • The royal Udaipur city palace- Looming over the Lake Pichola this palace is considered the grandest of its kind with its Rajasthani Architectural intricacies. The first look will leave you speechless. This majestic palace compromises of 4 major and several minor places. The precinct of the palace is maintained as a museum to display artifacts. A part of the palace is still used by the royal family.
  • Lake palace- Originally called Jag-Niwas was built as a summer palace on an island near Jag Mandir in Udaipur. This palace is now a hotel and is a sight to behold. Black and white marble walls, courtyards, terraces, and columns are not the only things this palace is famous for. This palace is renowned for appearing in the James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’. It gives views of City Palace, Aravalli Hills, and Jag Mandir.
  • Fatehsagar lake- This is an artificial lake named after Maharana Fateh Singh. It offers the most alluring view of Aravalli hills by three sides. This lake offers many exciting activities on its 3 tiny islands. Nehru Park is one of its 3 islands with lush green gardens and a calm environment to relax. A zoo with many birds and animals is also situated here. This lake also holds Asia’s best solar site Udaipur Solar Observatory. The boat rides here are the best way to explore this lake. Speed boating is the way to thrill for adventurers.
  • Lake Pichola- It is one of the 5 striking lakes of Udaipur housing islands of Jag Niwas and Jagmandir. A boat ride in Lake Pichola is one of the best things to do in Udaipur as the place during the sunset will leave you mesmerized. Water is so serene and calm, it gives reflections of City palace bathed in sunset colors.
  • Dharohar- A Rajasthani dance performance with information about the culture and dance forms performed by beautifully dressed dancers on the beats of drums and conch shells. Dancers dance with ignited brass pots and earthen pots along with playing manjiras. There is also a puppet show for children.

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Other places to visit in Udaipur are Bagore Ki Haveli, Vintage Car Museum, Saheliyon ki bari, Monsoon palace, Sukhadia Circle, Shilpgram, Udai Sagar Lake, Doodh Talai lake, Jagmandir, Jaisamand lake, etc.

Udaipur is filled with the best cafes and restraints where you can enjoy many types of delicious food and sip your coffee or a beverage beside the lake, overlooking the ancient monuments by the side. Udaipur also has food streets where vendors and food trucks are lined up along the lake and people enjoy food with lake view.

As Udaipur is a famous tourist spot, the city is flooded with hotels and guest houses. For a solo traveler, we would recommend the following places-

  • Bunkyard Hostel
  • Zostel Udaipur
  • Musafir Hostel



Rajasthan is one of the best and the safest place to plan your solo trip. You do not have to worry about anything. People of Rajasthan are so welcoming that their love and warmth would make you feel the best during your Rajasthan solo trip.

If you are stuck at anything or need help to plan your best itinerary for Rajasthan solo trip or family trip, Heritage Rajasthan tourism can help you with that. We can plan your trip keeping your needs and interests in mind. We find accommodations according to your budget and type of trip. We help you explore to the fullest with minimum hassle. We make sure to save your time by prior bookings and tickets.

Keep traveling!

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