Shopping in Kullu – Top Markets and Things to Buy

For all the shopping buffs who love to buy souvenirs and native stuff while on their trip, Kullu is one perfect destination to shop amidst the network of valleys and with the backdrop of Great Himalayas. The markets of Kullu are just too vibrant and full of life offering the best of traditional and modern things to buy.

The best things to shop in Kullu are Tibetan styled things, native handicraft items, Tibetan carpets, Buddhist paintings, woolen materials, traditional jewelry, Kullu shawls, caps, and even fruits such as apples, etc. Try to buy from the reputed shops in Kullu. Do not forget to visit the Sultanpur market, Tibetan Bazar and Akhara Bazaar.


A trip to Kullu would get you enormous chances to add pictures to your memoirs and not just that, you will have amazing shopped materials to take along.


Best Things to Shop in Kullu:


  1. Woolens

There is no other feeling like that of a warm sweater on cold winter nights. Can it be any other better place to buy soft and comfy woolens than where the place where the sweaters are made? We certainly do not think so. Kullu has some very extensive range of woolens to buy from. Not only woolens of different patterns but of different wools. And yak wool is fairly on the more popular side for the tourists. These woolens are natively made so it makes them more special. Wearing these woolens long after you leave Kullu will immure you in the memories and charm of Kullu.

These woolen are quite different from any other you will find. Because every place has its own charm, culture, and way of doing things; and Kullu is no different. They reflect the culture here and have a unique charm of their own. The shawls here are very different from what you might generally find in the Kashmiri markets. The designs are not generally floral or motifs but more on the side of geometric patterns. So, it also adds uniqueness to your wardrobe. And they are very practical as well, light and warm. So make sure to take woolens back with you for your loved ones. It will serve as a perfect gift to recall the charm, culture, and uniqueness of Kullu.


Where to buy- Akhara Bazar, Bhuttico


  1. Wooden art

One unique thing you will find interesting and appealing in the markets of Kullu is the art carved on small wooden planks. These look extremely unique and bohemian. These are generally painted and can be inscribed by name, addresses, quotes, etc. to decorate your homes. You can even get something paint of your own choice.

Generally, people choose to use them as nameplates for homes or offices. They are among the popular choices that people buy from Kullu as gifts fro their loved ones.

You can also find some different shapes like leaves and boats. But the usual ones with the raw shape of wooden planks straight out of a tree are more liked.

Where to buy- the Himalayan Craft.


  1. Dry fruits and teas

Kullu is a hilly area where temperature and climate are ideal for a variety of horticulture commodities like teas, medicinal plants, aromatic plants, fruits, and dry fruits. So, in addition to the fresh apples, pears, and cherry you can enjoy then and there you can also buy some commodities to take back home.

Kullu has a vast plantation of almond, walnut, chestnut, and hazelnut. These dry fruits are locally grown and high in quality. Dry fruits are a part of gifting traditions in India. So, to not shop for these edible gems when in Kullu would be a sin. Dry fruits are rich in flavor, high in antioxidants, and fatty acids. You would find shops and shops of dry fruits lined up.

You will get great prices and the best quality and many shops provide delivery options as well. So you can order them from anywhere in the world.

You will also find tea in the markets of Kullu because of the abundance of tea gardens in the hills surrounding Kullu. Hills provide prime conditions and land for step plantation of tea. Manali, which is about 40 k.m. from Kullu has large tea gardens. Tea from Manali reaches Kullu for tourists to buy. You can find different varieties of teas like white, green, etc. You can also find different flavor fruit teas.

Teas can be very good for health and relaxation.


Where to buy- Mohal

  1. Paintings

Buddhism has been practiced in Kullu for as long as we can remember and it shows in its culture. Kullu has many Buddhist temples and these temples are adorned with beautiful paintings depicting Buddhism. At no certain time, these paintings started making an appearance in the shops for sale. Paintings of Budha, Buddhism folklore, and Buddhism art are beautiful and colorful. These paintings have attracted tourists from all over the world. People take these paintings to decorate and furnish their homes and offices.

These paintings not only add aesthetic value to your décor but also a unique charm and look to your home. It will also be a reminder and evidence of the experiences and adventures you got at Kullu.


  1. Prayer wheels

Buddhist culture has a very important place for prayer wheels. The prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel on a spindle made of different materials. Metal, wood, stone, leather, or cotton prayer wheels are generally seen in prayer wheels.

Mantras are written on the outside of prayer wheels. The most commonly found mantra is ‘om mani padme hm’ but other mantras are written as well. The prayer wheel is very important in Buddhist culture because it symbolizes hope. Prayer wheels are used in Buddhist religious practices and believed to bring luck, prosperity, positivity, and clarity.

You can visit Buddhist temples and see for yourself how to use them and how they affect your mind and emotion.

If you believe in Buddhism or want to know and practice it, you can buy prayer wheels or can gift one to a believer.

Where to buy- Sultanpur market

Markets for Shopping in Kullu

  1. Amartex

It is probably the only good mall in Kullu that sells branded merchandise. Street fashion brands like H&M, Zara, Levis, etc. can be found here.

  1. The Tibetan Market

To buy Tibetan decorative pieces, Tibetans shawls, Tibetan ornaments, etc you can visit the Tibetan market in Kullu.

  1. Bhuttico

The biggest market in Kullu for woolens and shawls is Bhuttico market. You can also find cute fuzzy socks here.


  1. The Himalayan craft

To buy different and unique handicrafts you should visit the Himalayan craft market in Kullu. You can find many eye-catching and quirky bibs and bobs here. It is also a good place to buy souvenirs which are not common.


  1. Sultanpur Market

To buy traditional jewelry and paintings you should visit the Sultanpur market. You can also find elegant miniature Buddhist paintings.


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