Why Shoudn’t You Miss to Have This Luxurious Meal in Rajasthan?

You might have had a lot of dinners at exotic locations and venues but you definitely not had experienced a dinner at a stepwell in Rajasthan. Step wells are an architectural marvel of Rajasthan. And a luxurious Rajasthani dinner amongst thousands of diyas in a stepwell can be an amazing experience. Don’t you think so?

Here not only you are given varieties of exotic drinks to enjoy at your service but also a menu of food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Dinner served is a gala dinner in various courses. Hospitability is impeccable and so is welcome with garland and Tikaa on your head.

Food is absolutely flavor full and delicious.

This dining experience at step well of Rawal Narali is one of a kind and can hardly rival any other. Good food in an out of the world set at a step well with good wine you’ll thank us later.

The beauty of Step Well of Rajasthan

When you travel to Rajasthan, you may fee a very common architecture that is largely found only in Rajasthan is step wells. Step wells are a multi-story water storage facility built in the design of a large well surrounded by descending steps. The water level was adjusted by a bullock. These were built to help in seasonal fluctuations causing water scarcity which was a common problem in Rajasthan. These were different from other types of water storage in the aspect of the ease with which people could access the water. The hundreds of steps around the wells make it easier to access the water.

Apart from the utility, these step wells have cultural, religious, and social significance. Many festivals were celebrated around these step-wells and were a place of social gatherings. And no surprise about the durability of these structures as they could withstand even earthquakes. But yet like everything in Rajasthan, nothing is done without the touch of extravagance, architectonic knowledge, and cultural ornamental decor.

Step wells in Rajasthan are like a piece of art. These are so beautifully built to blend in the surrounding yet not lose their charm. Tourists from all over the world have always been fascinated by these step wells.

Well, as we have tried to portray the beauty, charm, and architecture of these step wells it would not do justice to reality. Step wells are so alluring people momentarily just stand and gaze and try to capture all the beauty through eyes.

These step wells are a requisite feature of Rajasthan tourism. And now it has been taken up several notches.

Many resorts and hotels are now providing the service of a luxurious dinner amidst the beautiful step wells. You can only imagine but in reality, the experience is much more enthralling and captivating.

One such amazing stepwell dinner night we would like to pull your attention towards is the 1100 years old stepwell at Narali village in Pali district of Rajasthan.

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So let us take you to a guide of what awaits for you in the Narali Village.

You can lounge in the Rawal Narali Jr. bar sipping a martini or wine, while you look forward to the dinner. Adorned in beautiful, culturally bright colors and ornaments bollocks cart wait for you to climb up and venture towards the destination.

You will be given traditional safes and chunri to enjoy the ride as a true Rajasthani. You enjoy the swaying lulling ride passing through the historic ruins while the setting sun casts its magic in the sky. Your guide would occasionally offer you insights to the historic and cultural significance of the place.

The path from the hotel to step well is highlighted by lanterns on both sides which looks like fairy lights in the dark.

The setting of Dinner at the step-well

When you reach the stepwell, you will be mesmerized by the setting of the venue. The complete place will be glittering with the lamps and lights. A halo of glowing light in the dark night would encase you and you will feel like you are in a fairy tale. The experience nevertheless is not by any means less than a fairy tale.

The lights will cast beautiful shadows in the water and the entire set up will be mesmerizing. The dinner set up is done maintaining the privacy of each table. Every table is provided with opulent seating and some beautiful traditional oil lamps so that you can dine with a vibe to relax and enjoy. You will feel ethereal in the whole set of dinner out in the open under the stars.

The dinner consists of traditional lip-smacking Rajasthani delicacies. Service is impeccable. You will find it difficult to find any flaw in the evening plans. You can come and enjoy it with your family. You can also come for a romantic dinner date. The ambiance is perfect and intimate.

But the poetic story of dinner at Step Wells doesn’t just end here. After delicious dinner, you can watch the fare that happens for people’s fun activities. You would be entertained with the traditional vibes and a Jogi singing folk songs in the most beautiful ways. There are also traditional mangniyars singing and playing for you to enjoy. After the best and relaxing dinner at Stepwell, you can return to your hotel room by jeep and spend some leisure time by having herbal tea that relaxes your mind.

This whole experience is awe-inspiring and you would want to come again. While here, you can also visit neighboring tourist sites like forts and step wells in Jodhpur.

For those of you who would love to indulge in nature’s charm can also visit the lakes nearby. There you can witness some of the beautiful species of birds nesting around and chipping to make the ambiance even more charismatic. If you are one architecture and history buff, you can also visit some of the best forts of Jodhpur.

Come, fall in love with the beauty of the royal Rajasthan offered by the luxurious meal at the ancient step-well.

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