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9 Unusual Ways To Experience The Nightlife In Rajasthan

When we hear the word NIGHTLIFE, we generally associate it with Goa and other metro cities and imagine nightclubbing. But life is much more than just partying and dancing on the beats of alcohol.

“Padharo Mhare Desh” that translates to “Welcome to my land”

This is the slogan of Rajasthan which symbolizes the hospitality spirit of its people. The way tourists are welcomed in Rajasthan with pure bliss and warmth is unmatchable to anything.

Rajasthan is a land of perfectly blended ancient and modern culture that sits in its every corner and because of its rich culture and vibrant traditional lifestyle, Rajasthan has always been popular among tourists.

Not only that, but these ethnic cultures of Rajasthan also contributes a lot in making the best of nightlife. During the night the real essence of the state comes to life. There are many things that you can indulge yourself to enjoy your Rajasthan tour. Because nightlife of Rajasthan isn’t just about hopping bars, it is far beyond that. Here are a few unique ways in which you can spend your time in Rajasthan after the sun goes down.


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Unusual ways to spend your nightlife in Rajasthan


  1. Light Show at Amer Fort:

Amber fort light show

Image Credit: MMT

You can treat yourself with a visit to a spectacular Amber Fort in Jaipur. At night there is an arrangement of light and sound show in both Hindi and English language.

The show highlights the glorious history of Amber fort. The beautiful play of lights effects and melodious sound, tells the historical and cultural background of Rajasthan and the pride history of Amber Fort. The other highlights of the show are folklore, local legends, folk music which makes the show perfect to watch. People who are more into the Rajasthan’s culture and history should watch this once, a great way to spend one night in Jaipur.


There is another similar kind of show which is shown every day in the city Palace of Udaipur. The highlights include the amazing pride history of Mewar. You will be enlightened with the legends of the brave heroes of Mewar. The show is a must-watch for History enthusiast.


  1. Night at Jal Mahal:

Night at Jal Mahal


The popular Jal-Mahal of Rajasthan is situated in the pink city in the middle of the beautiful Man Sagar Lake. Though the place doesn’t show up its beauty in the day time but in Night with the light effects, the palace turns into some magical place.

The mesmerizing beauty of this place is at its top in the night time. It just comes alive magnificently. It is recommended to go there in the night and walk near the lakeside, the vibe in the environment is just perfect for a couple to live the quintessence of nightlife in the desert city Jaipur. Also, you can click some amazing pictures with such wonderfully architected Jal Mahal in your picture Background.


  1. A walk to remember in Udaipur:

The beauty of Udaipur is unmatchable to any other city of Rajasthan. This city has a charm of its own that bewilders each of its tourists. With its alluring lakes amid the Aravali range, every tourist destination becomes more charming.

The quaint cafes in the old city of Udaipur, narrow streets full of shops and vendors selling traditional Rajasthani stuff, various “ghats” and ancient temples are just worth visiting.

The beauty of Udaipur enhances even more during the night when the city becomes silent without any hustle-bustle, you can take a walk around Fateh Sagar Lake which is the lifeline of the city. You can roam around the old city also, the bridges, decorated gates, water bodies gleaming in night light all look pretty at night. Believe us, you wouldn’t have a better soothing night experience than Udaipur.


  1. Camping in Jaisalmer:

Camping in Jaisalmer

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Camping in the Thar desert itself is a thrilling and unique experience to spend time with your friends or loved ones. Staying in tents under the open sky would be a perfect date night for couples too. You can enjoy the star gazing activity in the dark night with a cold breeze touching your faces in Jaisalmer.

It is highly recommended for you to spend at least one night camping there. The serene desert in Jaisalmer is unique from others, it has the highest dunes and the glittering sand in the beautiful moonlight would be an extraordinary experience. Also, you can go to rides in sand dunes in the day time. Don’t forget to watch the cultural dance activities by the folk dancers.


  1. Puppet shows:

Puppet shows

Image Credit:

The puppet show is a world-famous Rajasthani show in which puppet is tied with strings and a person makes them dance and act. The beautiful representation of small acts with various puppets characters is just awesome. If you are in Udaipur city then don’t forget to watch it.


Bharatiya Lol Kala Museum is one best place to witness the exclusive show of puppets. The dance of puppets is quite famous in the whole Rajasthan and now in the world too. Foreign tourists feel more attracted to these kinds of shows.

Usually, the show happens in the night time so its a good way to spend in the night in the city of lakes by watching one epitome of Rajasthani culture. There is one more famous center located in Jodhpur name Rupayan Sansthan, there you can also see the colorful show of puppets dancing.


  1. Choki Dhani:

Choki Dhani is an authentic village styled resort especially for the tourists to let them feel the vibrant culture of the Rajasthan. The architectures and designs of Choki Dhani are inspired by villages.

They also arrange activities like folk dance, puppet shows, exhibitions and stalls that sell Rajasthani handicrafts items, magic shows( old kind of tricks)and much more. In short, they portray the culture of Rajasthan by giving the vibe of a village and feel of Rajasthan in a nutshell.


  1. Hopping the Bars

If you are obsessed with indulging yourself in the western vibe and dance like nobody is watching, then hopping bars is one perfect thing to do in Rajasthan at night. When you look at the best clubs to go to Rajasthan, Jaipur is one city that offers the best nightlife. There are numerous pubs, bars and discotheques in Jaipur and other cities in Rajasthan where you can have your glass of wine.

These places are generally flooded with tons of tourists and youth patrons. You can booze here and dance your night out with your group and make your holidays enchanting. Blackout Pub, House of People, WTF, Skyfall, F bar and Lounge are some pubs in Jaipur, Trophy Bar, Pulse the Bar in Jodhpur and The Artist House in Udaipur are some famous clubs of Rajasthan.

  1. Cycling near Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort isn’t just a magnificent epitome of architectural beauty but it is more than that. You can spend your evening at the fort to witness the most mesmerizing sunset from the Nahargarh Fort.

Other than that all the adventurous souls you can have some real thrill by indulging yourself in the cycling session around Nahargarh Fort. The feeling when the cool evening breeze would chill your sweating body would be far beyond words to describe. Try to do this cycling in a group so that you do not get lost. After that, you can visit the nearby restaurants to munch around and rest for a while.


  1. Desert Drive in Jodhpur

You can also enjoy the desert drive and spend your night in the sandy wilderness of Jodhpur. Interacting with tribal communities, spending a day in a rustic lifestyle, coupling your night with off-road experience in the expanse of beautiful That desert. You can also go for a campfire under the starry desert sky and enjoy barbeque meals to seal happiness in your night.

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