Kasauli:  A Steal Glance At The Poetic Charms of This Himachal Town

Kasauli:  Steal Glance At The Poetic Charms of Town

There are tons of places to explore itself in Himachal Pradesh while you take Himachal Tour Packages but learn why Kasauli is a must include a place in your tour plan.

Why is Kasauli famous:

One of the places every traveler has on their bucket list is this hidden jewel of north India, Kasauli. Britishers set this place as a cantonment town back in 1842.

Dense forest covers, snow-clad mountains, quiet life, nature at its best, adventure sports, architectural beauties, out of the world viewpoints and a lot more. This place is a cavern of all the things you would love to do on nature’s retreat. Surrounded by mountains with pleasant weather all around the year, this town will take you straight into a medieval Victorian romance novel with its gothic style architecture. There are still crumbs of British reign spread all over the town which adds to the town’s beauty. Home to many endangered animal and bird species Kasauli is the perfect place to visit for a wildlife lover and bird watchers.

In this quiet town, you will forget all the hustle, crowd, and stress of the cities. Take a lung full of the crisp clean smell of earth and release all the anxiety with it.

Kasauli is famous for its trails. Between nature and amongst forests, these trails give you the opportunity to cherish and live one of the best experiences of your lives. A quaint town with scenic views and many activities and British monuments can be your next weekend getaway which you would definitely not want to leave.

This small containment town has various locations you might not want to miss visiting. So, here we are listing all that you could enjoy in Kasauli.

Kasauli: best things to do in Kasauli:

  • Trekking

Kasauli is surrounded by Shivalik Hills which gives many adventurous trails. Trekking in Kasauli will give you beautiful views and glimpses of the treasure of nature here. The comfortable weather will make the trek more enjoyable.

The Gilbert trail is one of the best easy trekking trails everyone can enjoy. Surrounded by all sorts of lush flora on both sides of the stone walkway this trail stretches up to 1.5 km.

The Timber trail is a small city with ropeway rides and trekking tracks full of pine and coniferous tree forests. The view from the top of the timber trail will take your breath away.

Trekking to the top of hills of Kasauli to enjoy the views will be more full-filling and satisfying.


Forts, monuments and places to visit in Kasauli:

Kasauli has many monuments which are evidence of its architectural excellence and history.

Gurkha Fort a historical spot in Parwanoo sits on the hilltop in Subathu which is about 16 km away from Parwanoo. This place can be easily reached by road. Encased in dense forest above 4500 feet above the sea level this place can be an amazing treat for photography lovers.

Christ church on mall road is a beautiful building constructed in 1853 by British Raj. Church has pine and deodar trees all around its perimeter. This church has gothic architecture and beautiful high ceilings and a cemetery. This is the oldest church in Himachal Pradesh. This place has a calming ambiance which will leave you spellbound.

The Baptist Church is another famous church built-in 1923. It has artistic architecture and majestic tinted glass panes. It has very raw energy all around. You feel grounded and close to yourself. People light candles and seek blessings here.

Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanak Ji is a significant religious center. It is a very beautiful and pristine shrine. It is situated on the outskirts of Kasauli. This place offers food and lodgings to the people who come to seek blessings.

Krishna Bhavan Mandir another religious monument built-in 1926 is a marvelous example of Indian and European architecture. It is an important pilgrim spot and a large number of tourists visit Krishna Bhavan mandir for the evening and morning arti.

Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple is the main temple of the deity of Kasauli. The deity is famous to grant the gift of a child to couples who seek their blessings. It is a very auspicious site and holds great importance for the people.

Central Research Institute’s home to various important research activities was established during colonial rule. It is now managed by Central Research Institute. Travelers who are like architecture and history will be lured to this place. It is also famous for its success in developing various important vaccines for cholera, smallpox, snakebite, etc.

Kasauli Brewery is the place to quench your thirst and find solace from the heat if you are visiting in June. This is one of the oldest distilleries of Asia established by Edward Dyer in the 1820s. Enjoy a drink at the end of the day with your loved ones while enjoying the sunset views.

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Viewpoints in Kasauli:


Manki Point is one attraction of Kasauli you wouldn’t want to miss. This is the highest place in Kasauli which is said to be the place where Lord Hanuman set his foot while searching for the medicinal herb for Laxman. Here you do not only spot monkeys but experience the most breathtaking views you will ever witness. It is also the town’s airforce station and you see the arms and ammunition they use. You can also see the Sutlej River flowing in between the mountains from this point.

Sunset point is a place for all the people who want to witness nature painting the most beautiful scenic art on Kasauli’s canvas. Photography enthusiasts will be thrilled to visit this point and will be satiated with all the picturesque scenes they will have the opportunity to click. This place is on a hilly lush terrain with a swing to sit and enjoy the sunset.

The sunrise point located at the lower mall road was formerly known as Hawa Ghar. It is a great place to start your Kasauli tour with enthralling sunrise views in the lap of snow-clad mountains.

Bird-watching in Kasauli:

If you are one of those bird lovers, who feel the perfect relaxation watching the birds, Kasauli is one great destination for you. The town of Kasauli is home to various colorful and beautiful birds. Listening to the chirping sounds of thousands of birds is no less than a soothing treat to your ears.

Gilbert Trail in Kasauli is one of the famous bird-watching trails which offers the most beautiful views along with the high chances of spotting vibrant and colorful birds. The sprawling stretches of woods add to the charm of the trail. The melodious sounds of singing cuckoos and chirping birds would let you have the perfect leisure time in Kasauli.


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