10 Camping Places in Rajasthan That Attracts Adventure Enthusiasts

Embark your camping tour of Rajasthan and indulge yourself in the non-non-commercial side of the state. Traverse through the ethnic and quaint village of the west and witness the ruins of the past.

The expense of camping in Rajasthan is just unfading because of the alluring beauty it holds from Aravali Ranges to the expanses of Thar Desert, from bushy forest covers to the riverside experiences, this state has it all. While indulging in a camping tour of Rajasthan one can truly experience the wondrous side of its ethnic culture.

Camping tours of Rajasthan are just like raw happiness that every individual craves for during their tours. Camping in the area nestled between the hills of Aravali Range, lush green landscapes all around is something that is offered in Rajasthan. You can go for rock climbing, trekking and rappelling sessions.

Also, you can have a Jeep safari tour in the Ranthambore National park to spot the wildlife in their habitat. Get a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with tribal communities of Rajasthan and know deeply about their ancient culture and village lifestyle. See how timeless monuments of Rajasthan are deeply rooted in their beauty and sing the saga of the brave warriors.

The yummiest delicacies are one unique feature to soak yourself when you are in Rajasthan. The rustic vibe of Rajasthan looks the best during winter months with the cool breeze turning everything beautiful and pleasant to camp around in this desert state.

The rustic vibe and wilderness of Rajasthan are waiting to welcome you with its warmth and love. Come experience the best camping days of your life in this desert state of Rajasthan.

Camping Places in Rajasthan

Here are a Few ideas and camping places in Rajasthan that an adventure buff cannot afford to miss when planning a camping Tour of Rajasthan

  1. Camping in Sand Dunes(Jaipur):

Jaipur, one prominent desert city of Rajasthan offers you a chance to spend some quality time in amazing camping in the dunes. It’s an extraordinary experience to lie under the sky looking at hundreds of stars at night. If you ever visit the pink city you must try this camping IDEA. You would be provided with tents for sleeping with all the amenities. Most packages include music, live BBQ, games, dune tour, Rajasthani performances, evening campfire, etc. You can also enjoy a walk in the morning, or experience a thrilling jeep ride in the desert.


  1. Night camping in Jaisalmer:

Jaisalmer is the best place for a night camping in the desert because no other city has this many dunes as Jaisalmer has. You can do many things in Jaisalmer while camping such as participating in the desert festival, enjoying games and participating in various competitions etc, also various cultural events and folk performances are organized there that make the aura of night even more enchanting. You can spend some fun nights in the desert enjoying the camping with Rajasthani cultural touch.

  1. Camping at Sambhar Lake:

The lake is famous for being the largest salt lake in the area, also its scenic and natural beauty makes it a perfect place for a night camping. You can witness the beauty of the place, the color of the sky changes with every passing hour, which is a perfect reason for nature’s photography enthusiast to go there. Camping at Sambhar Lake is worth every penny. You can even enjoy visiting famous temples there, and a bonfire in the night with folk music is like a cherry on the cake.

  1. Night Camping in Udaipur:

The city of Lakes is not just famous for its lakes where you can ride horses and camels but it is indeed a great place for camping too. The dense forest area and the lush greenery makes it a perfect destination for a night camping. You can go to Mount Abu, a beautiful hill station close to the city. Udaipur is a great place for a luxury stay even in the desert area, in a tent. Although camping is more about surviving on the simple lifestyle Udaipur adds signature camping experience with a hint of royalty in that as well.

Experience this once, it’s worth your time and money. Don’t forget to have the authentic Rajasthani food.

  1. Sariska Camping:

The stay is royal in every sense, you can feel it as you enter the camp area. Staying here intents is a bit different from other camping because here you are staying out in a complete wild region, in the Sariska National Park amid the mountain range of Aravali. In the day time, you can visit the national park which has a variety of flora and fauna and also take part in various activities like trekking, motorcycling, air rifling.

  1. Camping at Ranthambore National Park:

While you are at this camp there is a possibility that you may spot some wild rare species roaming around. This makes the stay at Ranthambore adventurous and different from the rest of the campings. Besides spotting rare animals and birds spending time in nature’s lap with all lush greenery around would be a great experience.

Camping can be done in both terrains near the park including the rugged green forest covers near Aravali Ranges and also in the sandy terrain of Vindhyas Range. In both places, you can have the utmost level of excitement. Although do not go camping in the rainy season as it can render a difficult situation. Have the best camping experience in the lap of natural beauty in Ranthambore National Park.


  1. Camping in Pushkar:

Everybody knows that Pushkar is famous for its camel fairs and its historical sites. One famous and only Lord Brahma Temple is also there. The place is also known for its luxurious stays in tents amidst the stunning Thar desert. The amenities are up to the bar that it won’t let you feel that you are in a desert area away from any luxuries. You can have authentic local food as well as multi-cuisine dishes.

Some travellers prefer overnight Camping near the ghats of Pushkar. Lake Pushkar is quite crowded during the festive season with various cultural activities as well. There is also Pushkar Camel fair organized which is the largest cattle fair in the world.

  1. Camping Near to Bikaner:

Desert camping in Bikaner is the most famous escape for a short trip. As the place has many villages nearby, you can explore the area, local people’s lives and the beauty of villages, you can also see the lifestyle of Sarunda people who are tribes of Rajasthan. Camping in Bikaner can fulfill your childhood wish for visiting a village.

You can enjoy exotic Rajasthani food, cultural dance performances, folk music, riding in sand dunes and much more there. The best time to be in the desert is during the sun sets, the view is so mesmerizing that it will imprint the memory in your mind.

  1. Camping In Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan and is quite famous among tourists especially from Gujarat. The place is flooded with tourists during festivals as well. Apart from everything, Mount Abu is also one of the best places to indulge in camping in Rajasthan. The place has the natural beauty of its own with the lush green covers of forest and the Aravali Range all around is more like a feeling that gets etched in your hearts forever. You can spend your night in style during camping in mount Abu. You can go for trekking or go for a walk in the forest.

  1. Kumbhalgarh Camping

Kumbhalgarh is another beauty that sees a good number of tourists throughout the year. Firstly you can visit the magnificent Kumbhalgarh Fort which is the highlight of the place. At night you can do camping in the wild forests. Also if you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can also go for a jeep safari to spot wild creatures in Kumbhalgarh National Park. If you have a day in spare, you can also go to Ranakpur which is in the vicinity of Kumbhalgarh. There is a famous Jain Temple which is known for its architecture and beauty.

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Go pack your bags and get ready to let yourself drown in the best feels of camping in Rajasthan.

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