3 Days Shimla Tour Guide – A Perfect Tour Plan for Girls

In the middle ranges of the crown mountain range of India, the Himalayas. There is this big beautiful capital city in Shimla. This beauty is indeed now the capital city of the state Himachal Pradesh. It is the Khaleesi of the Hills, the scenic beauty here is breathtaking and the nature around here is all pleasure to the eyes.

The mountains literally have snow caps. Shimla is a city that is a hill station from British time. It has so many places to visit around that you might run out of the time of your journey. But now we as Heritage Rajasthan Tourism provide us with so many exciting packages for this beautiful Himachal trip that it might be hard for you to resist it.

Shimla Tour
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This time our Heritage Rajasthan Tourism team is trying to tailor trips in some other way. Oh hey, we understand that why should boys have all the fun. So we have planned a Shimla trip for 3 days for all the girls and ladies out there. Come on, cheer up ladies, we know you need a break too! Girls who are planning to go a little bold for now. We are here to support you.


Shimla is not only just a beautiful city in the Himalayan range. It is much more than that. Girls you don’t need to feel awkward or strange out there in the new city. People here are hospitable and friendly, this just adds up to the pros of choosing this city to travel. They have a warm welcoming hearts and gestures ironical to the temperature out through a year. Though it an all-season visit place but if you still want to explore the town more then we might suggest late April to early July and early September to the end October just makes this place a lot more worthy. But if you just want to visit it for the snow season then late November to February sounds good.


Here we have enlisted a few popular places to explore. Shimla is an all winter place but it not just about all snow-capped mountains all the time. It is famous for its fun activities and sports as well. One can go for ice skating, trekking, skiing, fishing, golfing, etc. apart from this, the town has various places where these sports can be played like the Fagu, Kufri, and Naldhera. Kufri is actually famous for the skiing and ski resort.

The Narendra for its golf activities. One can even go for ice skating in the Rivoli and Lakkar bazaar for roller skate fun. Shimla has the only natural ice skating rink in entire Asia. For a sunset admirer, one might suggest the Ridge for sunset in the seven hills range. This place also has a religious and spiritual vibe to it.

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Here is a list of most-visited sightseeing destinations in Shimla which you should definitely visit during your trip.

  • Gorton Castle
  • Gaiety Theatre
  • Jakhu Temple
  • Viceregal Lodge
  • The Ridge
  • Himachal State Museum
  • Christ Church


A 3 day trip to Shimla by our Heritage Rajasthan tourism is curated specifically for girls this time. We know you are in need of a solo trip too. You can join us as a group or you can take the bold step and go all solo on a trip. After all, YJHD movie did inspire few hearts out there too. We are not saying you will find your bunny here or something like that but we can assure a fun and exciting trip and a safe one too.


Day 1: Reaching Shimla from Delhi via Car


You have to gather all your belongings for the trip and pack it up. All you have to do is just make it to Delhi. From there we will take care of the rest journey. We will have our first car journey of just 350kms. Though it does sound a little overwhelming. This is the best way to explore all the places that drop within. We will assure that we do stop by at all the popular sightseeing destinations throughout the journey.

Once we reach the Capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, you will feel recharged automatically. Yes, it is that beautiful city. We have choices of Hotels for you to choose from. They have the best of views and services are hospitable. After all, this city has hospitality for all sorts of tourists. After relaxing and freshening up we can start with little city exploration. We can go to The Ridge and Christ Church. These places are worth visiting on the very first day.


Day 2: Wandering in the City


After breakfast, we can proceed to Kufri which is a 14 km drive from Shimla. Situated at a height of 2500 mts. Later on, we can visit The Himalayan Zoo (except Mondays) and the Indira Bungalow.

Pony rides to Mashu peak are also in the list for you.  Late afternoon a visit to Viceregal Lodge, a little throwback to the British era. After that evening is your leisure time. You can either engage yourself in shopping streets or just explore the rest city by yourself as we drop you by the Mall road. At the Mall road, you will find attractions like Scandal point, Shimla church, Townhall, Gaiety theatre, and shopping market.

When you go shopping don’t forget to check out the Woolen materials Afterall Shimla is famous for shawls. The wooden items, Handicrafts of Shimla are quite popular too. Jewelry of Shimla is quite intriguing too. Even do check out the wooden tables and handmade papers. And as a souvenir of the trip, you can take Himachali handicrafts or hats. After that, you will be dropped back to the hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 3: Sweating in Shimla


Another exciting and fun trip awaits you. After breakfast at the hotel. We can take you to adventure sports places for some fun and exciting activities. Valley crossing, zip-lining, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Obstacle course, etc. are just a few tidbits of this other side of the Shimla tour. All these adventure activities are done under expert presence and supervision.

After this exciting and thrilling day, you will be dropped back to the hotels. You can wind up all and pack your bags and luggage. Later you will be taken back to Delhi from there you can just go back home safely.


Our tour package at Heritage Rajasthan Tourism is flexible according to the customer requirements. We are not just a tourism company. We believe in creating memories for our customers. And so we provide packages that are economically feasible for the customers and so you would barely consider negotiating.

Can’t wait for a trip with us? Go for it right now. You just need to choose your location and rest trip packages will be suggested by us.


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