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Jaipur Bhangarh Tour: Do you want to visit a haunted place? If yes, then visit Bhangarh which is one of the scariest places in the world. Heritage Rajasthan Tourism has an amazing Jaipur Bhangarh Tour that will bring you through Bhangarh.

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    Let's learn about the place and things to know before taking this Jaipur Bhangarh Tour. Bhangarh fort was built in the seventeenth century. This beautiful fort was built by Raja Madho Singh who was the younger brother of Raja Man Singh. He was general in Akbar’s army. At that time, Bhangarh had a population of about 10,000. In this fort, visible and strong stones have been used, which are lying in their condition from the very ancient times.
    The Bhangad Fort, which is so spectacular in seeing, its past is equally terrible. Let us tell you that according to a famous story about Bhangad Fort, Ratnavati, and princess of Bhangarh, who was very well versed with the name itself. At that time, countless prices from other states want to marry her. At that time, her age was only 18 years old and her youth had brought more glory in his form. At the same time, she used to come out of the fort with her friends in the market. Princess Ratnavati reached a perfume shop and she was taking fragrance with her fragrance in her hands.
    At the same time, a Singhviya named a person who was nearby from the shop was watching her very carefully. Singhia lived in that state and he was the master of black magic. It is said that he was crazy about the beauty of the princess and was deeply in love with her. She wanted to get the princess in any way. That is why he came to the shop and came up with a perfume bottle which the queen liked, she made a black magic on the bottle which was done for the emancipation of the princess.
    Princess Ratnavati picked up the bottle of perfume but slammed it on one of the nearby stones. The bottle broke down on the stone and all the perfumes were scattered on that stone. It caused a slip of stone and followed the Tantric Singhia, which resulted in his death on the spot. Before dying, Tantric cursed that all those who live in this fort will die soon and they will not be able to take birth again and their souls will continue to wander in this fort.
    Only a few days after the death of that Tantric was fought between Bhangad and Azhagadh, in which all the people living in the fort were killed including Rani Ratnavati. After so many massacres in the same fort at one the other, the chicks of death were echoed and even today they are roaming in that fort. So, you have now the information about it and can opt for this amazing, exciting Jaipur Bhangarh Tour with HRT(Heritage Rajasthan Tourism).

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